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Calls to ban Telegram in U.S. run into growing opposition


This is a representational image to depict use of the Telegram Messenger app. (REUTERS Photo)

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UPDATED 8:27 AM PT – Friday, January 29, 2021

Calls from Democrats for Apple and Google to purge Telegram Messenger from their platforms is facing growing opposition.

“Providers like Facebook and Twitter aren’t legally liable for what their users post, but apparently Parler and Telegram are,” stated Paul Joseph Watson, a political commentator. “Different rule for different companies, even though they provide the exact same service.”

Some Democrats have endorsed a California lawsuit that accuses Telegram of spreading so-called “hate speech” due to that platform’s free speech policy. Democrats have also tried to attack Telegram based off the national origin of its founder.

“Now the main reason why they hate Durov, Pavel Durov who owns Telegram, is that he’s at least somewhat tolerant of free speech on the platform,” Watson continued.

In a move similar to the Democrats current efforts, the Putin regime tried to block Telegram in 2018, but failed. Meanwhile, Telegram has reported a sharp increase in new users.

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