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The Guardian shuts down criticism of Israel

An Israeli soldier, mask-clad due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, stands guard next to an outpost and army humvees during the "Deadly Arrow" military drill near Kibbutz Ravid in the northern part of Israel.

Nathan Robinson, founder and editor-in-chief of Current Affairs magazine, has been writing a column for The Guardian U.S. since 2017. Then, without warning, The Guardian stopped accepting his pitches after Robinson tweeted criticisms of U.S. arms sales to Israel. In the first segment of this week’s “Marc Steiner Show,” Marc talks to Robinson about the still-unfolding saga and what it portends for the future of free speech in mainstream media.

Then, we take a deep dive into the political and familial roots of Malcolm X. This Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021, marks the 56th anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination. In honor of Malcolm’s life and legacy, Marc talks to Tamara Payne, co-author of the National Book Award-winning biography “The Dead Are Arising,” about how Malcolm Little became Malcolm X.

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